How Summer Theatre Camps Benefit Kids

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How Summer Theatre Camps Benefit Kids

22 June 2017
 Categories: Education & Development, Articles

As a parent, is your goal this summer to try to make sure your kids spend their time wisely by doing things that are good for their brains and bodies? If so, have you considered enrolling them in a summer theatre camp? Many cities and towns offer summer theatre camps for kids of all ages, and theatre camp is just one example of a summer program that is good for kids.

Why Theatre Camp Is Good For Kids

Theatre camp is something that is commonly offered during the day for kids of all ages, and there are even facilities that offer overnight camps for kids who enjoy the theatre. When kids attend any type of theatre camp, they will experience so many great benefits, and having fun is one of these things. Performing plays and acts and learning lines and motions is fun for most kids, and this type of fun can start when kids are only three or four years old.

When kids are exposed to theatre activities when they are young, they may develop a love and passion for it, and this is an activity they could continue taking part in throughout middle school, high school, college, and even adulthood.

Theatre promotes creativity and imagination, and this is one of the top benefits most experts agree on. While performing a play or musical requires memorizing lines or song lyrics, the kids are also encouraged to play the part. In other words, they are encouraged to show emotion, exaggerate with motions and feelings, and try to act a certain part in their own unique way. This type of stimulation is excellent for a child's brain as it causes the kids to really think things through.

Another benefit of taking part in the theatre is learning how to focus. Kids who act in plays or sing in musicals must learn to focus and prepare themselves for their parts. This type of focus is also great for the brain, and improving focus is something that can be helpful to kids in all other areas of life too.

Kids who perform in the theatre also learn great communication skills. They must learn to interact with the other children that are there, with the teachers or directors, and all other staff present. Good communication skills is an important trait in life, and it can help children learn how to better deal with other people, which is something they can use for the rest of their lives.

How Theatre Camp Teaches Montessori Skills

If your kids currently attend a Montessori school, or if you wish they did, sending them to theatre camp will be exactly what you want for your child's education and brain development. In fact, taking part in the theatre emphasizes a lot of common values found in the Montessori style of learning. Here are some of the values used in Montessori educational settings that are also found in the theatre:

  • Sensory-motor skills – Learning through cognitive development refers to settings where kids are encouraged to learn through their senses, such as seeing, hearing, and movement. If you picture what kids learn at theatre camp, this falls right in line with the Montessori principles.
  • Cognitive development – Cognitive skills are also a vital part of the Montessori program, and these are skills that teach kids to think on their own, to reason, and to problem solve, and your kids will learn all these things while taking part in theatre classes.
  • Individualism – Montessori principles also include encouraging kids to be unique and to build on the positive traits each child has, and the theatre is great for this particular principle.

Sending your kids to a theatre camp is a great option you should consider this summer. Your kids will not only have fun while they are there, but they may also develop some great skills they can use for the rest of their lives. To learn more, contact a facility that offers summer programs for kids.