Benefits Of Online Anti-Harassment Training For Businesses

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Benefits Of Online Anti-Harassment Training For Businesses

8 December 2022
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There's no place for harassment in the workplace because it causes your employees to feel uncomfortable, and it can even reach the level of being a criminal. You want your employees to treat each other respectfully, and everyone should feel safe and free from harassment. Harassment can be a sexual act or just annoyance from someone who doesn't stop when told. 

You can sign up for online training programs that train your employees on the dangers and adverse effects of harassment in the workplace. Here are some of the benefits of doing so:

No Need to Hire Someone to Come In-Person

Rather than having to send them all individually to an in-person class on harassment or hiring someone to visit your company and speak to everyone, you can have each person at your company take some time to do it online. That way, you won't have to shut down your business and train everyone simultaneously, which can lose your company money. 

All Employees Can Get the Same Training

When you send your employees to in-person harassment training, they may have different lessons; the instructors might change, etc. The good thing about online harassment training is it's more consistent since the content won't change. All of your employees will access the same information, so there won't be any discrepancies between what they learn.

Ensure Your Employees' Safety

Harassment usually starts in a way that seems innocent enough, but the more it's allowed to continue, the more serious it gets. In some cases, it can lead to violence and other dangerous activities. Educating your employees about it through online training shows that you're looking out for them and want to ensure their safety. 

Ensure Your Employees Are Comfortable at Work

Your employees' safety is your number one priority, but you also want them to feel comfortable at work. They're there to earn a living and have the right to do so without worrying about other employees harassing them. Hopefully, online harassment training will keep your business free from harassment. 

Encourage People to Speak Up

Part of what your employees will learn during anti-harassment online training is how essential it is to speak up when they witness harassment, or it happens to them. If you ignore it, you're allowing the activity to continue, and they'll likely harass more people in the future because of your silence. Every employee must watch for harassing behavior and report it when they encounter it.