How to Land the Perfect Airline Job

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How to Land the Perfect Airline Job

20 July 2016
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You may look to the skies and feel that you belong there. The great news is that there are schools that are designed to give you flying experience and teach you everything you need to know to be a successful pilot. But after you have completed aviation school, you will need to find an airline that you can call home for many years.

Aviation School Is Usually Essential

There was once a time when military service was the best way to get the training and experience necessary to become qualified to be a pilot. However, the military now uses fewer pilots than it has in the past, so it may be more difficult to become a pilot for the military. Also, those who become aviators for the military are usually retained for longer now, so it will take longer to get into the private sector. While it is still a good idea to enlist and serve your country, to become a pilot, one of the best routes is to attend aviation school. Look at aviation colleges in your area to get started.

Getting the Necessary Hours

Your time spent at an aviation college should be enjoyable, but challenges may come when it comes time for you to find a job. But while the job search may seem grueling, there is also a shortage of pilots. However, employers usually require pilots to have flown for a certain number of hours before they are allowed to fly for the airline. One approach is to become an airline instructor for your aviation school so you can earn the required hours. There are also other jobs that require fewer hours. 

Finding the Perfect Airline

It is very important to carefully select the airline company you choose to work for because you may be working for the company until retirement. Pay and promotions are usually based on seniority. If you are forced to move to a different airline, you will usually have to start all over at the bottom, so make sure that the company you apply for is in good financial shape and is a long-standing, well-known airline. However, after you have worked lower-paying jobs for a while, you will have the hours necessary to work in a higher-paying commercial airline position. Also, be sure to have a larger savings reserve than most people with your income do so that you will not have a substantial fall in your standard of living if you later need to accept a position with another airline at a much lower salary.